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Quality Assurance / Safety, Environmental & Sustainability

From start to finish – CustomPAK’s trained staff of technicians provide quality assurance for all stages of a product’s manufacture. From stringent vendor evaluation and approval process to the inspection of incoming raw materials and components, CustomPAK is there.

Our team provides additional checks at all levels in the manufacturing process; intermediate stages, finished blends, labeling, filling and finished goods. We are an EPA approved manufacturing facility and subscribe to ISO level record keeping and handling procedures. C of A’s are available for all finished products.   

CustomPAK has long recognized the need to maintain an aggressive focus on plant safety. We are proud of our award winning record. Our concerns extend to environmental safety and protection as well. Our sustainability programs include pro-active recycling at all levels in the company, the minimization of waste streams at all phases in the operation and the proper disposal and/or recycling of hazardous materials.

CustomPAK has made substantial sustainable investments in the modernization of highly efficient plant lighting, the recycling of waste heat and fuel efficient truck fleet purchases. We have also worked together with our Vendor Partners to provide greater alternatives in recycled content components and the elimination of superfluous packaging components.